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    Cirrus Wind Indicator

    Hunters all over the Country rely on Cirrus® to help them determine the slightest wind or thermals. Cirrus brings a multi functional tool to the pack, LEDs allow users to detect the wind and thermals in total darkness. ​Red Led for stealth, White to be used in total darkness or as a flashlight. Power Bank charger is built in to …

  • Gadgets and Other Cool Stuff

    Cirrus Wind Indicator – Scent Refill 2 Pack






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    Gadgets and Other Cool Stuff

    Gun Oil/ Lubricant

    #DIRTNAP is a gun oil/lubricant with a earth cover scent fused in. Apply to all moving and metal parts when cleaning weapon. This oil leaves a remarkably smooth finish to the parts it’s applied to. (1 fl oz)

    The earth scent is fused with the oil, so even if you cleaned your weapon two weeks prior, you will still have that …

  • Gadgets and Other Cool Stuff

    Pocket Drag

    Tired of dragging deer, hogs or other animals out of the woods? Use the Pocket Drag! This genius little tool is a must have for any hunter. The Pocket Drag can be attached to horns, or legs and then simply dragged by the handles out of the woods.